120-Volt AC System

The following electrical components (if so equipped) will only operate when your RV is connected to shore power; 120 to 12-volt power converter, air conditioner, 120-volt refrigerator, microwave oven, television(s), fireplace and appliances plugged into convenience receptacles.

Your RV is equipped with a 50 amp 120-volt 60hz AC electrical system. The entire system is designed to operate on 2 legs of 120-volt power at a maximum current flow of 50 amperes per leg. Exposure to voltages higher or lower than a nominal 120-volts will damage or shorten the service life of the electrical system and appliances. The 50 amp 120-volt 60hz AC electrical system can be powered by the 120-volt 60hz utilities found in RV campgrounds or by 120-volt 60hz generator power.