12-Volt DC System

The majority of your RV lighting is powered by 12-volt electricity. The 12-volt DC system is composed of components that will operate when the following conditions are met:

  • Power is supplied by the tow vehicle alternator when the engine is running and the 7-way trailer plug is connected. This powers the RV's running lights, brake lights, turn signals and brakes. In addition, the 7-way trailer plug provides a common ground and a 12-volt charge line to charge the auxiliary battery.
  • The converter will supply interior 12-volt DC power when the power cord is plugged into campground power. The converter will also charge the RV batter in most situations.
  • The auxiliary battery powers many interior 12-volt components including the lighting fixtures, water pump, 12-volt motors, 12-volt appliances, etc. It also powers the breakaway switch.