Before you RV Alpena, Michigan - WATCH THIS

Alpena, Michigan has been exposed by the full time RV living family... We are shocked at what we found - WATCH THIS! Alpena, MI will open your eyes to what full time RV living can offer. From extreme sunsets with lightning storms to brilliant blue lake waters, Michigan will show you that it holds true to "Pure Michigan." On this weeks episode, we join our travel nurse colleagues for an unforgettable week packed with summer time goals! HappilyEverHanks is sharing RV hook ups with native Michigan friends AKA "Mooch-docking." These residents of Alpena, Michigan are bringing everything to the table and not holding back! We are forewarning that once you get a taste of Alpena Michigan, you are not going to forget it! If you want to know what full time RV living in a fifth wheel is like, let Alpena Michigan prepare you for your answers. Strap in, because HappilyEverHanks is bringing you a taste of what the RV life has in store for you!

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