STAY ALERT in Yellowstone National Park 2020 - WATCH THIS!

Before you visit Yellowstone National Park in 2020, WATCH THIS. Yellowstone National Park hosts exotic animals and they must be respected at all costs. Emergency Services are required to intervene at times. STAY ALERT in Yellowstone!

We start our journey with a spectacular hike to Artist Point which overlooks the Upper Waterfall of Yellowstone River. With steep cliffs hugging the riverbank, you can expect breathtaking views of the Yellowstone River. Deep blue waters that are contrasted against the orange-tinted rock are surreal.

Journeying further into Yellowstone National Park, we find Grand Prismatic Spring and Old Faithful. We like to think of them as the king and queen of Yellowstone National Park. We also continue our day finding some of the must-see hidden gems including Fairy Falls, Fountain Paint Pots, and Dragons Mouth Spring!

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