Moab is a Rock Climbing Destination

If you are looking for your next adventure in your Grand Design RV, visiting Moab may just be the place for you.

Moab is home to Arches National Park but there is so much more around the area that you could spend quite a few days in this part of Utah.

"Moab is a world famous destination for rock climbing," explains Nate Sydnor, owner of Moab Desert Adventures. "My company specializes in taking people to places that they may not be able to get to otherwise, regardless of their experience level. So we deal with people from all over the globe, from every state in the U.S. and have every ability level, whether it's an easier hike with maybe a little bit of rope work or a very technical rock climb that you might just need a little guidance for."

And the beauty of what Moab Desert Adventures provides is tailoring the adventure to each individual group. They can challenge the elite rock climber or make things more scenic for the beginner. 

"What we specialize in is showing people places that are unique in one of a kind and Moab is certainly very famous for that reason," Nate adds. "There really isn't many other places in the world that you can visit that offer you the array of rock formations to climb on, trails to hike, canyons to explore & roads to drive. It really is just limitless all within a very small area."

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Dallas's picture

Great advertisement. If you are thinking about some good adventure without extreme adventure talk to Nate about U-Turn Conyoneering in Arches NP, Elephant Butte climb (very easy) and Wall Street. All a little bit scary but not extreme Adrenalin rushes. If you can climb a ladder you can do these.