5 Things You Should Never Do At A Campground


Most of you that have followed my blog through the years know my favorite campsite is a free one in the boondocks. One of the many reasons my wife and I prefer the boondocks is that we aren’t annoyed by other camper’s lack of manners. These are the top five inconsiderate things you never should do while you’re at a campground.

1. Cut through occupied campsites

I believe when you rent a campsite it ought to be your little piece of real estate during the duration of your stay. It should be up to you on who enters your space with permission.

annoyances Mind your camping manners. Photos via author (Dave Helgeson)

My wife and I both consider it very inconsiderate when others take a shortcut through our space on the way to somewhere else like the bathhouse, beach, playground or any other destination, especially when we are sitting outside enjoying a meal or the campfire. Please walk around, the exercise is good for you.

2. Let your dog roam in other campsites

Over fifty percent of RVers bring their four-legged friends camping with them. My wife and I love dogs and always brought our beloved lab with us.

However, just like above, we don’t always appreciate uninvited guests in our site and that includes unleashed dogs that come running into our site looking to steal a snack off our picnic table, stick their nose in our catch of shellfish, redistribute our sacked garbage, or are maybe wet from a swim at the beach. Please keep your dog on a leash as required by most campgrounds.

annoyances Please keep your dogs leashed 3. Or let your dog bark excessively

This could be included with number 2 above but it is such an annoyance it deserves its own listing. If your dog barks at every stranger that passes by your campsite, please consider keeping it inside the RV, away from the road where it can’t see others passing by, or invest in a bark collar.

Another consideration is a dog that yips excessively when left alone in the RV. This is almost as annoying as listening to a smoke detector with a low battery chirping. Remember, other campers may have come to the campground to enjoy some quiet time, so please respect that and take your dog(s) with you if they are prone to endless yipping in your absence.

4. Be loud after hours

Let’s face it, most of us go camping to have an enjoyable time, but there comes a point when it is time for the party to end and go to bed. Nearly all campgrounds have posted quiet time and most campers willingly abide by them.

annoyances Being loud after hours—and leaving your dog unleashed—is not only annoying to other campers but it’s usually against campground rules.

However, some inconsiderate campers seem to ramp up the volume after hours via alcohol consumption, the volume control on their sound system, or both.

Please be considerate and keep the noise level confined to your campsite. If you want to be loud and party all night, please find yourself a campsite way out in the boondocks where there is no one to bother.

5. Leave trash in the fire ring

It’s amazing how many times I pull into a campsite and find the last camper used it for a trash can rather than walking a couple hundred feet to the dumpster.

It’s not my job to clean up after the thoughtless camper that was there before me, nor is it the campground host or paid staff’s job.

annoyances Pack it in, pack it out

Please plan ahead and bring a trash bag or two with you when you go camping and dump your trash in the campground dumpster—or if you are too lazy to walk to the dumpster, take it home with you.

I’m sure you have your own annoyances to add, so please feel free to share using the comment box below. Avoiding bad manners of other campers, just another adventure in RVing!

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