5 Reasons You Should Take A Fall Camping Trip


5 Reasons You Should Take A Fall Camping Trip

Summer is behind us but that’s no reason to winterize your RV. These five reasons why fall camping is awesome explain why you need to hit the road before the darkest days of winter begin.

1. Less people, more camping space

Did you bomb at getting into your favorite campground last summer? So did most of us. Camping and RVing is more popular than ever and many RVers are complaining about campsite competition during the pandemic. But before you get irritated too, remember: people are creatures of habit and birds of a feather. Fall gives you a chance to take advantage of their habits.

For example, only the most enthusiastic outdoor lovers think fall camping is awesome. The rest will prepare to winterize their RVs and hunker down for the next few months. Most people just aren’t hearty enough for camping during fall’s cold, crisp nights. Those that are willing to do it, tend to flock to America’s most popular RV destinations. 

Grand Tetons Fall Camping

Grand Tetons Fall colors are spectacular. (Image: liveworkdream.com)

What will happen during the fall and winter 2020 RV season is anyone’s guess. After all, the pandemic may cause a ton of campgrounds to continue enjoying full occupancy. More adults are working on the road and their full-time RVing kids are roadschooling too. But my gut feeling tells me that even during the pandemic, the most popular campgrounds will see fewer people than during summer.

To lower the odds of running into other campers, stay away from the most popular RV destinations. Use a route planning app like RV Trip Wizard to find an out-of-the-way remote campground that you might just have all to yourself.

2. Enjoy a safer Thanksgiving celebration

The pandemic will force many families to skip holiday celebrations this year. But yours doesn’t need to be one of them. If your family is fortunate enough to have RV accommodations, consider booking a group campsite to enjoy a safer open-air Thanksgiving celebration.

With creative RV holiday cooking and potluck assignments for the family, you can pull off a memorable get-together that might even start a new tradition. As a bonus, fewer bugs will be around to bite, sting, and keep you from enjoying the outdoors.

3. Fall colors make great photo ops

Take a short, local nature hike during the fall and you’ll catch a glimpse of nature’s best show. Or, hit the road to a fall camping destination known for impressive leaf-peeping opportunities for vivid memories to last a lifetime.

Colorado Aspen Leaves

Get out and away for the best fall camping. (Image: liveworkdream.com)

A fall camping trip lets you immerse yourself in the experience of seasonal change. You’ll take gorgeous fall photos filled with great memories of that end-of-year RVing trip.

Fall color adventures in the Rockies, the Great Smoky Mountains, and other scenic spots offer fall camping opportunities to create unforgettable experiences that put you in the middle of autumn’s dazzling displays.

4. Wild animals come out to play

A gorgeous camping destination can look much different from season to season. One of the most obvious changes is the amount of wildlife that you’ll experience during the fall or early spring.

Local critters that hide away from humans all summer long suddenly become brave while foraging for a winter stash. Bear, elk, deer, and even moose are just a sampling of mammals that you’re likely to see when you brave cooler temperatures.

fall camping

Big game comes out during the fall. (Image: liveworkdream.com)

5. Camp cheaply with off-season state park discounts

As if those reasons why fall camping is awesome aren’t enough to persuade you, think of the money you’ll save! Frugal RVers like me love saving money on off-season camping fees.

Many places allow thrifty-minded campers to save a few pennies. For example, state parks in cooler northern climates often give generous off-season park pass discounts to entice visitors during off-peak times.

Check the website of your state park fall camping destination to learn if off-season day passes or discounted camping fees are available. A short sampling of cool-climate state park systems with off-season discounts includes:


The long, hot days of summer have faded into history, but RV camping never hast to end. Fall camping is awesome because it’s one of the most exciting, exhilarating times to explore the outdoors.

Get on the road now. Don’t let cooler temperatures stop you from making the most of this beautiful season. Start planning your fall camping trip today with RV Trip Wizard and the RV LIFE App With RV-Safe GPS.

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