5 Reasons You Should Switch To Portable Solar Power


There are many reasons why RVers prefer using solar panels instead of generators or campground hookups. It’s not only more eco-friendly, but solar power enables us to boondock off the grid away from crowded RV parks.

A large variety of solar panels are available for all budgets and power needs. Here’s why we recommend using portable solar panels to power all of the essentials in your RV.

Renogy’s Foldable Solar Suitcase. Photo via Youtube 1. You won’t need to run wires or drill holes in your roof.

Portable solar panels are relatively easy to set up even if you don’t have much experience. The popular brand Renogy makes suitcase-style folding solar panels with charge controllers that can connect to your deep cycle batteries within minutes. Acopower’s portable solar panel also has USB outlets to charge electronics like your phone and laptop.

2. You can get power while you’re parked in the shade.

The last place you want to park on a hot day is a campsite with no shade. However, if you’re relying on your rooftop solar panels for power, this is usually necessary in order to get enough sunlight.

Portable solar panels can be simply taken out and set in direct sunlight while you’re parked under some nice shady trees. Staying out of the sun will also help protect your RV from UV damage.

3. They don’t take up a lot of space.

Many smaller RVs like Class Bs and camper vans don’t have a lot of space on the roof for a big solar panel setup. But chances are there is a place inside your RV that can fit a foldable solar panel.

They can be stored anywhere from under the bed to inside cabinets when they’re not in use. This will also open up your roof space for other gear like kayaks or surfboards.

4. Maintenance is almost effortless.

If you have rooftop solar panels, you’ll occasionally need to climb up and wipe off snow or dirt that’s accumulated to keep them in good working condition. Portable solar panels are even easier to maintain and they do not require accessing the roof at all.

5. They can easily be moved to a new RV.

When you get a new RV, there will be no hassle in moving your solar panels since they’re already transportable. They’re as simple to move out as the rest of your items.

You can find quality portable solar panels made by Renogy, Acopower, and Eco-worthy. If you already own rooftop panels, check out this easy mod from Do It Yourself RV on how to make them portable.

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