Why I Bought My Imagine 2250RK

I’ve been camping for as long as I can remember.  My dad got two weeks’ vacation in late summer, and every year, we’d pack up the 9 X 18 Sears tent and take off.  There were six of us, and often the grandmothers would come along.  There was one trip I remember cramming 12 people into that tent.

When I was in high school, my dad got tired of tenting and built a 20ft travel trailer. A few years later, he quit his printing job and went into the RV repair business.  I graduated high school and, following in his footsteps, went to work building Go Tag-A-Long travel trailers in the late 70’s.   That experience prompted me to build my own trailer in which I lived full time for two years, until my wife and I were expecting our first child.

Over the years, I’ve owned several trailers, and as I contemplated single retirement, I decided I’d like to travel.  I owned an 8 year old Trail Sport 25S, and although it was a decent low-cost trailer, I knew it wouldn’t stand up to a lot of traveling, and it certainly wasn’t made for anything but fair weather.

And so the search began.

I spent hours surfing the web.  I began with looking for all-weather brands.  There were only a few that were touted as 4-season rigs, so that narrowed the search considerably.

Next on my list was a floor plan.  I wanted a queen-sized bed with a separate living/kitchen area.  The bathroom didn’t have to be huge, but it did need to be spacious enough that I didn’t feel cramped.  I also wanted an entertainment area with a large TV, and theater seating.  A couch and dinette were not important, as it would just be me.  The kitchen needed to have sufficient counter space so I could actually do some cooking.  I didn’t want a huge trailer; something in the 22-25 foot range would be plenty of room for me. Weight was my final concern, as I owned a half-ton truck, and tongue weight/payload capacity was an important factor.

The search continued.  Most of the floor plans included separate sleeping and living areas.  Some had entertainment areas, but many of those were laid out in such a way that I would have to turn my head to watch TV.  Many had bathrooms tucked into a corner with the toilet, sink, and shower mere inches apart.  Kitchens had a couple feet of counter space at the most. 

Then I came across the Imagine line.  They seemed like a well built trailer, advertised 4-season use, and were still fairly affordable.  I focused on the 2150RB and the 2250RK, since they were smaller and lighter, yet offered the amenities I was looking for.  I liked the rear bath of the 2150, but every one I saw available in my area came with the chaise lounge and not theater seating.  I know I could have ordered one, but I was ready to buy and didn’t want to wait for a special build. 

The only logical choice left for me was the 2250RK.  It seemed perfect; queen bed, big bath, theater seats, a large TV (that disappears when I want it to) and a huge kitchen area.  Just the thing, and this is why:

First, the bedroom.  A queen bed is what I’m used to, and it’s just the right size for sprawling out at night.  It’s not a huge amount, but there is sufficient closet and cupboard space, with a wardrobe and drawer on each side of the bed and full width cupboards across the front, above the bed.  I really like that the bedroom is closed off with a solid sliding door and not just a curtain, as is the design of many manufacturers.. 

I wasn’t sure I would like the bathroom in the middle, but I find that it is actually the best place for it.  It’s convenient at night because I don’t have to walk the entire length of the trailer to get to it.  It’s convenient in the daytime because it’s right there.  It’s large and spacious and can be closed off from the rest of the trailer, again with a solid sliding door.  I don’t feel cramped, and I don’t bump into one fixture while using another.  The shower is good sized and offers plenty of room. The sink is typically small, but I don’t use it much, so it works for me.  And having a porcelain toilet is always a plus.  It saves me from having to upgrade it myself.

Having the kitchen in the rear is exceptional.  It’s the most counter space I’ve ever encountered in a trailer this size.  I don’t struggle trying to find someplace to put a plate or a cutting board while I’m preparing a meal.   There is a good amount of storage space with drawers, cupboards, and a huge pantry. The large window above the sink is just a bonus.  It’s wonderful to be able to look out and see a beautiful vista as I’m making breakfast. 

Finally, what can I say about the living area?  It’s amazing.  People camp for different reasons.  Some go to immerse themselves in nature; fishing, hiking, mountain biking.  I camp to get away from work and home.  That’s why I love connecting my Dish Playmaker, turning on my 40” TV, and reclining in my theater seat.  I watch TV, nap, and recover from what are usually hectic, stressful weeks at work.  I've installed USB chargers in the cabinet next to the seating, and I use my phone's data plan to connect my laptop to the internet when I want to.  Everything I need is right beside me.

I’ve had my Imagine just over a year at this writing.  I’ve done a lot of mods and customization projects and have really made it mine.  I primarily camp within 30 minutes of home, but I have taken a couple of longer trips, with more planned this summer.  I’ve also joined several Grand Design forums and “liked” the Grand Design pages on Facebook.  There is a lot to be learned from other peoples’ experiences and opinions (and a lot to be ignored as well.) 

The bottom line is this:  Grand Design builds a quality RV at an affordable price point.  Although I haven’t had much opportunity for personal experience, everything I’ve read about their customer service indicates they are exceptional.  There will always be occasional problems with any brand of RV, but I believe Grand Design has fewer problems than many other manufacturers.  The major difference is how the manufacturer responds to those problems.  Grand Design’s product and service speak for themselves.

I am extremely happy with the choice I made and I’m looking forward to many years of enjoyment from my Imagine.  I’m confident you’ll be happy, too.