We thought this episode theme was going to be small community and the rodeo, but it turns out it’s....HAIL! 

We experience 2 big hail storms and watch as our home is nailed by golfball sized hail for the first storm. A tornado actually touches down just 10 miles from us.  The second storm brings some damage to the rig, most of which is our fault and could have been avoided. We share our severe weather tips with you to help you protect your vehicle and rig in a storm. 

We experience the small town community celebration in Ten Sleep, WY, for the Fourth of July including a parade, rodeo, fireworks show and dancing in the streets! It brings us back to our childhoods and gives the girls a taste of some of our favorite memories. 

Stay tuned for the next episode where we wrap up our time at the ranch in Ten Sleep, Wyoming.  Be sure to like and subscribe and click on the bell icon for notifications when we release new videos!  

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