DIY Maintenance on MORryde Disc Brake Wheel Bearings

DIY Project!  Repack your wheel bearings.  We have the MORryde Independent Suspension and Disc Brakes.  MORryde recommends repacking the wheel bearings every 10-12k miles.  For us, this means repacking every few months with the amount of miles we travel.  We happened to be home in Nebraska when we hit the 12k mile mark, so my dad taught me how to do this on my own.  Keep in mind we had access to his shop, tools, and the convenience of not having maintenance restrictions at a campground.  This DIY project will not be for everyone.  I enjoy doing projects myself so I know it's done right.  Most people have either experienced first hand, or heard of someone who had a bad experience of taking their vehicle to a dealership, body shop, or mechanic and something was not done right.  I try to avoid those situations when I can do a project myself for minimal cost.  This project cost us less than $12 and took us about 3 hours.  For me, it was quality time with my dad, learning something new from him, which usually happens every time I visit, and taking pride in knowing this project was done with our own hands.  Whether you decide to take on this particular project or not, I challenge you to take on a DIY project,  Let us know what it is and how you feel about it.  

Sandra Vose's picture

Enjoyed watching it being done. Had no idea what it was like behind those wheels. Very educational and best demonstration video ever. Well done ♥️