Free Camping in Alaska & Ice Caves

We head back out to the fish hatchery in Valdez determined to find bears, and we are treated to over an hour of watching a black bear feeding not on the fish but their eggs! Corey and Nathan and their buddies take blow up kayaks to check out the caves that Marissa and Jess missed and find an incredible ice arch as well! Check out photos from the other guys at: @lessjunkmorejourney @markdevphotos @elhajj33 We pack up and leave our epic free camping spot on Valdez Glacier Lake, head to Palmer and stop to check out some of the waterfalls along the mountain pass. We also stop at Worthington Glacier and hike up to the base! We land at the Knik River, another free spot to camp in Alaska, which was really high from all the rain and set up right on the river bank. We traveled to Palmer for the Alaska State Fair and head over on opening day. The animals were fun as well as the lumberjack show and the sword swallower! We give advice about caravanning with other families on the road and how great RVing with friends can be!